Fall is the Best Time to Go Rafting in the Southeast, Here’s Why

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Fall is the Best Time to Go Rafting in the Southeast, Here’s Why

Gone are the days of sweltering 90-degree weather as we welcome cooler days and even colder nights. As the chaos of summer settles down, don’t let the shortening days get in the way of your adventures. Let us tell you a secret: fall is the best time to go rafting in the Southeast. Fall trips offer a magical experience all on their own. From perfect weather, solitude, and beautiful scenery, here are three reasons you should book a fall rafting trip in the Southeast.

Chattooga River in the fall

The Weather

Summer in the Southeast is hot, humid, and buggy. Even though getting splashy in a raft can cool you off, it can still make for an uncomfortable experience. That’s why fall rafting is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. The weather is perfect with pleasant warm days and crisp evenings. If you’re worried about being cold, Wildwater offers wetsuits for rent (and for free if you’re rafting in October).


Chattooga River and treesAvoid the Crowds

Fall is to rafting as Spring is to ski season. With school back in session, less people will be making their way out to raft, which means you can avoid the crowds and enjoy a more quiet, peaceful rafting experience. No crowds also means shorter check-in times, so you’ll be on your way to the river in no time!


Vibrant Blue Ridge mountains in the fall Vibrant Scenery

With fall comes changing leaves, and you can secure a premium seat to the Southeast’s spectacular foliage show by rafting in the fall. From the river turning gold from the reflection of the surrounding trees to the colorful carpet of warm hues that blanket the mountains, you’ll be in for a visual treat.


Where to Find the Best Fall Rafting in the Southeast

  • Chattooga River – The Wild and Scenic Chattooga River in South Carolina & Georgia offers a primitive experience and solitude you won’t find on any other river in the Southeast. Guests can enjoy stunning waterfalls, dense forests, and hiking in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Ocoee River – In 1996, the Ocoee River became famous for being the first natural river used in an Olympic slalom event. As summer comes to a close and September rolls around, the Ocoee River only runs on the weekends.
  • Nantahala River – The Nantahala River is a whitewater playground, and it’s even more fun when the leaves of Nantahala National Forest are putting on a show. 

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