Wild and Scenic Adventures on Chattooga Section III

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The Section III trip on the Chattooga River is a different rafting experience than the other rivers that Wildwater raft.  There are a couple reasons for that.  The Chattooga River is not a dam released river, but is controlled by rainfall.  This makes the Chattooga experience all together different.  With no dam to pump out a steady water level every day, the Chattooga River is constantly changing providing the possibility of a different experience each time you raft.   Water levels influence everything Wildwater does on the Chattooga.  It decides what rapids we run and how we run them, making every experience on the Chattooga unique.

Chatooga River Section III Boy Jumping - Wildwater

Jumping off rock at Bull Sluice

For years the Chattooga has been managed by the U.S. Forest Service for a wilderness experience, and therefore, the Chattooga River is very different from most of the other rivers in the southeast.  No crowds, remote spectacular scenery, lunch riverside on our “raft table,” and veteran guides in every raft make this a must-do experience.  The Section III trips provide time to swim through rapids, jump off rocks, run across raft bridges, and of course, raft some of the best whitewater rapids in the Southeast!


Wildwater offers two different Section III trips, a Full Day III Trip and a Mini Trip,  both with ample opportunity for fun.  It just depends on how much river you want to raft and how much time you want to spend out there.  Both Section III trips are good for people ages 8 to 80, so bring the entire family!