Why Wildwater? Because It’s “Like Being With Family”!

Becky WiseNantahala, White Water Rafting

We often get asked “what is the difference between Wildwater and the other companies?” A good question – we all do the same sections of the river, we all have a similar safety record and our equipment is comparable. We believe our Team Members are the difference and they distinguish Wildwater from the other companies.  It is our Team who make your experience with Wildwater the BEST!

Recently, on TripAdvisor, we had a Guest who expressed her feelings on why her guide, Simon, and Wildwater, made “this senior citizen’s adventure-dream come true.”

“This adventure had been on my radar for a very long time. While staying in beautiful Maggie Valley I decided it was time. From the beautiful car ride to Bryson City on Hwy 19 to the warm showers and treats at the end of the day everything was perfectly organized and all involved were a joy to be with.

The train employees were kind, friendly and exceptionally informative every moment of the day. Their was a resident historian, a banjo player, conductors and the Wildwater’s staff everywhere sharing history and information. Lake Fontana was absolutely lovely to see by rail. The views are breathtaking.

At our destination we were in the water and rafting in minutes. I had dreaded being cold but it was not so. The combination of warm weather and cold water were perfect. I had worried I would be the only senior citizen but in actuality it was about even, seniors to youth. The level 2 and 3 river was just enough to be exciting without being scary and the length of the trip was perfect. The current does most of the work so the paddling is minimal. No sore muscles the next day. I had forgotten water boots so Hunter was kind enough to loan me some from the company. They fit perfectly. How did he know? Thank you Hunter!

But, the nicest treat of the whole day was Simon, my tour guide. From my first encounter at the booth to the last good -bye it was obvious he must have exceptional parents. He showed such kindness to me, a senior citizen, that I was touched. Simon brought me my lunch and sat to visit while we ate together on the train. His life’s experiences for a young man are vast and admirable. He asked to have me on his raft and made the experience delightful for me and my rafting mates (except when he pushed me in the river! JUST KIDDING SIMON). I certainly got my money’s worth and would love to go back and do it all again today. I actually considered it! What a great adventure!”    Lisa L.  July 17, 2015

 Another Guest states ““Glad I choose a family-owned company”.

“We really enjoyed this experience. We’ve rafted with larger companies before in other areas, and wanted to try a smaller, family-owned company this time. We weren’t disappointed. It was really nice to feel as if “your” trip was specifically important.”    laytonl55  July 19, 2015