What to Wear Ziplining

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Nothing can sour a day in the great outdoors like feeling unprepared. At Wildwater, we want to make sure your experience adventuring with us is as successful as possible. So, we’ve put together a comprehensive ‘What to Wear’ guide for your next ziplining adventure. Also included is a brief explanation of the ziplining gear we provide for the experience.

Ziplining Gear We Provide


We provide a 5-point harness for your zipline adventure. The harness crosses both shoulders, goes around your waist, and has two loops for your legs. Attached to the harness are your trolley and y-tails.


We provide a fully adjustable helmet for each person. The primary purpose of the helmet is to keep you from hitting your head directly on limbs and zipline cables while in the air.


Wildwater operates ziplines that use a hand braking system; therefore, we provide gloves to act as brake pads while ziplining.

What to Wear Ziplining

Close-toed Shoes:

You MUST wear close-toed shoes while participating in any aerial activity with Wildwater. This protects your feet from UFCs (Unintended Flying Consequences).

Collared Shirt:

We suggest wearing a collared shirt to keep the harness from rubbing your neck. If you do not have a collared shirt, we suggest at least wearing a short-sleeved shirt to keep the harness from rubbing your shoulders.

Long Shorts or Pants:

The harness also has two loops for your legs.  We suggest wearing long shorts or pants in order to keep the harness from creating any discomfort. A good rule of thumb is to wear shorts to your knees.


Glasses meet two needs while ziplining.  They protect your eyes from sun and wind, and they are incredibly stylish.


We look forward to flying with you!-
The Wildwater Zipline Team