We Would Love to Hear your Wildwater Story!

Becky WiseWhite Water Rafting

Becky & Melissa at Bull Sluice

Trips with Wildwater make memories and stories – Our Team often shares stories of Guests and special trips.  As a raft guide since the late 70’s, I have heard many “trip of a lifetime” stories.  There are two that still mean a lot to me.

The first was a brain surgeon who was rafting the Chattooga Section IV on his very first whitewater rafting trip; at the end of the day he told me, “Today is the first time since I became a surgeon that I did not think or worry about my patients, thank you!”

The next was a co-worker who told me that she had taken her first raft trip with me when she was 12, and had the Bull Sluice picture to prove it.  Melissa decided that day she wanted to work as a guide when she turned 18, and is still in Long Creek to this day!

What is your Wildwater story?  We would love to hear from you!!!  I have a few Wildwater goodies to send out and your story might get highlighted in one of the next e-newsletters!  Send to:  wise@nuvox.net