Ways to Celebrate Fall in the Southeast!

Becky WiseWildwater, Ziplines Canopy Tours

Weather.com travel has the list of the best ways to celebrate fall in every state.  There are some great things to do in our local states, some of which we did’t even know about!  If you are visiting Wildwater this fall, here are the best fall activities for the 4 states surrounding us.

TallulahGA – Watch a dam release at Tallulah Gorge State Park just south of Clayton, GA.  Known as 1 of the 7 Natural Wonders of GA, water releases are scheduled in the fall creating a whitewater river that cascades through the reds and golds of the fall leaves.  If you want to see some great whitewater kayaking, this is your place!

NC – See the Shadow of the Bear in Cashiers, NC.  One of the most unique fall experiences in the country can be seen right off Hwy. 64 near Cashiers.  This naturally occurring phenomenon appears for 30 minutes  on sunny days at 5:30pm mid-October thru early November.  Starting as a small dark shadow, it grows and evolves into the bear.  Weather.com also named Cashiers as the most colorful in NC!


Hawk_002SC – See raptors at the Blue Ridge Escarpment in Caesar’s Head State Park.  A variety of falcons and hawks can be watched from an overlook 3,000 ft. high.  These raptors take advantage of air columns created by the unique geography during migration for a couple of months in the fall.  This park is also home to Raven Cliff Falls, a 420-foot mountain cascade.

TN – Explore the colors of Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the most visited national park in the country!  This park provides an explosion of color in the fall and fantastic wildlife including deer and bear.  There is great hiking as well as scenic drives.

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