Asheville Trips Never to Forget!

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Wildwater Asheville Zipline

I remember the first time I went ziplining.  I was nervous and apprehensive, being that I was not that fond of heights.  My husband had talked me into going to celebrate our 11th anniversary.  When we arrived at Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures the butterflies in my stomach hadn’t gone away.  The Staff and Zip Rangers were very nice and tried their best to ease my nerves.  Even though I wanted to back out, my pride wouldn’t let me.  With new resolve I put on the harness and hoped for the best.

My heart pounded when we went down the first zipline, but by the third line I was presently surprised to having fun!  Line after line, it just got better!  The Sky Bridges were another test for me; easier to over come after realizing that the harness wouldn’t let me fall. Back on solid ground I thought it was over.  We were then informed that we still had more to go.  A long zip line that was almost 1200 feet long.  Needless to say some of the butterflies came back.  I thought to myself ” Well, I’ve made it this far. Why not!”.   I wasn’t disappointed.  The long zipline was exhilarating. I had never experienced anything like it.

Kid Zip

Kid Zip


After everything was over they mentioned that they had just opened a Kid Zip.  I immediately thought of our two young girls.  Only 4 and 7 years old they were not able to come with us.  It was then that we decided to come back and take the girls on the Kid Zip once we got a free day to do so.
We came back over fall break and the kids loved it.  The oldest daughter who takes after me was a little nervous, but the other took to it without even blinking an eye.  It was wonderful to see my girls out there zipping across and having a blast.  What made it even better was the Staff was just a friendly as that last time.

If you haven’t Zipped with Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures you’re missing out!