Staff Picks, Top 3 Restaurants for Lunch at the Ocoee River

Becky WiseOcoee River

Rum Cake Lady- Blue Ridge, GA

Wildwater’s Top Three Lunch Suggestions

If we are being honest, the only thing more difficult than picking the best rafting and ziplining company is picking the best place to eat.  Fortunately, we have you covered! Our highly trained culinary experts (raft guides and zipline rangers) have spent years eating at every dive and working at every fine dining establishment in the Southeast; therefore, the following list is compiled with the utmost care, attention, and desire to eat well.

Staff Pick #1:  The Rum Cake Lady Cuban Cafe

The Rum Cake Lady in McCaysville, GA and Blue Ridge, GA was discovered by accident on a cold winter day.  That accident turned out to be the most revolutionary discovery near the Ocoee River since self-bailing rafts.  The Rum Cake Lady utilizes the cuban recipes of the owner’s mother to create savory meals and phenomenal desserts.  Our staff has trouble deciding between the traditional cuban sandwich and the “Media Noche” (Midnight) sandwich, a cuban made with a sweet bread.

Local Secret:

Order the rice and beans with a side of the “chimichurri” sauce.

Staff Pick #2:  Rod’s Rockin Rolls

Rod’s Rockin Rolls in Copperhill, TN.  Situated within sight of the TN / GA state line, Rod’s Rockin Rolls is a Southeast Asian Restaurant.  With only outdoor seating, Rod’s feels like an Asian street restaurant with amazing food. Eat there or grab it to go, Rod’s is THE place to grab lunch in Copperhill!

Staff Pick #3: Mercier’s Orchard

Mercier’s Orchard in Blue Ridge, GA is famous for its beautiful views, fresh fruit, and fried fruit pies.  In fact, it is these three things that initially drew us to Mercier’s. Fortunately, we happened to arrive hungry and ready for lunch.  Since that first gyro, I have not been able to order anything else; however, I’m about ready to try the Reuben—it looks great! After eating lunch, make sure to sample the seasonal fruit varieties and even the wine and cider.

Local Secret:

Try the fried blackberry pies!