The “Veggie” Bus

Becky WiseChattooga River

Wildwater Bus Driver, Captain John

A singular event took place today, the 16th of April. The transport division of Wildwater Chattooga  launched the maiden voyage of it’s bus ‘Brick’ which has recently undergone the equivalent of bypass surgery. The operation was to allow it to be fueled by recycled restaurant cooking oil as opposed to the regular diesel diet. Your humble pilot of said vessel is pleased to report the trip was a complete success. ‘Brick’ has taken the surgery well and its passage along the highway is now enhanced by the aroma of it’s exhaust, redolent with a lingering suggestion of McDonalds or possibly Burger King. The effect upon the passengers is, as yet, unknown. It may well be that after their experience, they would be overcome with a compelling desire to “Hurry on down to Hardees” and consume a large quantity of their well known offerings. The same Pavlovian effect that causes police cars to veer unerringly into a Dunkin’ Donuts outlet. Subliminal suggestion perhaps? We shall see!


Want to go for a ride on this “veggie” bus?  Come rafting at Wildwater Chattooga!

Special Guest Author: Captain John, Wildwater Chattooga Bus Driver

capt john