The Day Off Deficit

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Day Off Deficit
Day Off Deficit

Day Off Deficit

An article published by Travel Effect  magazine talks about the fact US workers do not take advantage of their earned days off.  The United States work force could help the economy, and their sanity, by cashing in on their Paid Time Off.

“More than 40 percent of the U.S. workforce chose to forgo an average of 3.2 days of PTO in 2013, totaling 429 million unused days” -Travel Effect.  Four out of ten people of the U.S. workforce feel overwhelmed, yet three quarters don’t use the all of their days.

Have you taken advantage of your earned days off?

Wildwater has a solution!  As said in the article “more time off means better time on”.  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Memorial Day (1/2 off all trips on Memorial Day Monday) are all right around the corner.  Wildwater has multiple locations where you can get  into the outdoors and press your reset button if you will.  Wildwater would love to take you and your family down the river or zip lining and are happy to set you up with lodging in our cabins and yurts.

“If U.S. workers were to use all of their available PTO, the US economy would reap an additional $160 billion each year, supporting 1.2 million new American jobs; and if they were to use one additional day of their earned time off, the economy would benefit to the tune of $73 billion.”-Travel Effect

Don’t let that money go to waste and give yourself a break every now and again.  You deserve it!