Staff Picks: Top 5 Activities Near The Ocoee River

Becky WiseNews, Ocoee River

Wildwater Rafters

We understand the dilemma—you decide to visit a new area, or your friends ask you for advice on places to explore where you last vacationed. Well, if that area is near the Ocoee River, we have you covered with our Staff Picks of the Top 5 Activities near the Ocoee River.

1. Raft and Zip at Wildwater Ocoee!

The Ocoee Raft / Zip Package is not only the most fun you can have near the Ocoee, it is also the best deal! Zipline through a restorative pine forest in the morning and raft the adventurous Ocoee River in the afternoon (or on separate days).

  • History Factoid: The entire region was mined throughout the first half of the 20th century. The pine forest at the Wildwater Ocoee Canopy Tour was planted to help restore the soil content.

2. Hike in Cherokee National Forest!

The Cherokee National Forest just down the road from Wildwater is full of hiking opportunities. In fact, drive down to the Olympic Section, walk across the bridge, and find yourself in the midst of miles of beautiful hiking trails.

3. Watch The Show at the Olympic Section!

In rafting, we have a saying, “You either watch the show, or you are the show.” At the Ocoee Olympic Section, you can watch whitewater rafters and kayakers every summer weekend. The exiting rapids there have names like, Slam Dunk, Godzilla, and Humongous.

4. Hike at Goforth Creek.

Halfway through the Ocoee River Gorge is a nondescript pullout on the opposite side of the highway from the Ocoee River. This specific pullout follows Goforth Creek through the woods. The easy hiking trail is a challenge by choice trail where you can go out and back as far as you would like. Always remember to wear good shoes for hiking when in the wilderness.

5. Watch the Sunset at Boyd Gap Overlook.

Also, just down the road from Wildwater, Boyd Gap is full of miles of quality mountain biking. Just as high quality is the scenic overlook located off of Hwy 64. This overlook is a staff favorite for checking out the sunset, picnicking in the afternoon, or just relaxing after a day at work.

  • Local Tip: If you are interested in mountain biking, check with Lance at our front desk for the best local info!

At Wildwater, fun and adventure is a way of life. We want to give you the best opportunities possible to build community through outdoor adventure. If you have any questions or want to know the best adventures to be had, do not hesitate to ask! Everyone should experience adventure in the best way possible!