Staff Picks- Top 3 Waterfall Hikes Near the Chattooga River

Becky WiseChattooga River

Free Fun for the Whole Family

Are you tired of spending so much on your family vacation?  While we appreciate people coming
rafting or ziplining with us, we know that it is a often a financial sacrifice for a family, especially
on the Chattooga River.  However, not everything worth doing has to cost money. In fact, many
of the activities we enjoy doing to connect with our family and friends do not cost anything at all!
One of these activities is waterfall hunting (Cue, “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls). Here are our 3
Favorites near the Chattooga River.

Opossum Creek Falls

Image result for opossum creek falls, long creek, scOpossum Creek Falls is located about 3/10 of a mile from the Chattooga; however, if you are not lucky enough to hike there with one of our trips (we only do this about 10x per year), the hike from the road is about 5 miles round trip. The good news, with the Chattooga on the way to the waterfall, there is also plenty of swimming to be had after making the hike to the falls. Once at the falls, it is easy to see the bottom two tiers—the top tiers of the falls can only be accessed by a steep trail across the creek.
Insider suggestion: Bring plenty of water and a hammock to hang out at the falls or
while swimming in the Chattooga!

Directions to Opossum Creek Falls

Issaqueena Falls

Issaqueena Falls is located about 15 minutes from Wildwater Chattooga. I know I introduced this as activities that can be done for free; however, there is a small parking fee at the entrance to the park. Once parking at the in bottom parking lot, take the short trail to the falls overlook. This hike is perfect if you want a short hike with a tremendous payoff!
Insider suggestion: There are two other hikes (walks) that are also very rewarding at the
same park. The first is Stumphouse Tunnel, a partially built railroad tunnel with
an incredible history. The second hike or bike experience is the Stumphouse
Mountain Bike Park. From the pavilion parking lot, take the trail uphill. After about 1/4 mile, you will reach a water reservoir—you can either turn around here or continue along the wooded trail at the far end of the dam.

Directions to Issaqueena Falls

Brasstown Falls

Image result for brasstown falls, long creek, scBrasstown Falls is on of our absolute favorites to visit. It is a three tiered waterfall about 15 minutes from Wildwater on Brasstown Creek. This waterfall is only a short walk from the
parking lot and is breathtaking no matter how far you adventure. Once you get to the creek, turn downstream until you get to the first drop. From you, descend carefully along the rocks to get to the bottom of the falls. CAUTION!!!! DO NOT GO FURTHER THAN COMFORTABLE!!!
For those looking for the iconic swimming spot at the base of a waterfall, this is your spot. The bottom drop is into the perfect swimming hole!

Insider suggestion 1:

For the added bonus, there is a fourth waterfall up a side stream
across the creek from the parking lot. Carefully cross to the other side to walk to the fourth falls.
Insider suggestion 2: If you are visiting on a Friday or Saturday night, check out The
Gathering Place BBQ on the way to the falls. This is a local favorite!

Directions to Brasstown Falls