Resolve to Adventure Outside Together

Becky WiseUncategorized

The New Year is the time folks decide to “get it right” for the next 12 months (or at least the next 12 days). Personally, I didn’t even make it 12 hours. For many people, goals tend to focus on getting up earlier, staying disciplined, or even eating healthier; but one area we commonly see neglected is adventuring outside with others. Do you get tired of feeling great after a bike ride or run by yourself but not being able to enjoy these activities with those you love most or want to spend more time with? Here are our top three suggestions to help you grow closer and more connected with those you love (or like) through outdoor adventure!

1. Focus your choice of activity on what the other person (people) feels comfortable with and that falls in your comfort zone. Just because the rafting or zip lining experience is something you would enjoy does not mean that everyone else will as well. We draw closer to others when we focus on their needs in choosing activities, not just doing something we enjoy. Oftentimes, this “eases” them into doing something more exciting or dangerous, or it opens our eyes up to a new activity we come to love!

2. Even short hikes, bike rides, or walks are positive. Do not underestimate the power of taking time to go for a short hike, bike ride, or walk with others after work or on lunch break. The attached photo is of a local hike near Wildwater after work one day. The intimacy and community that these short activities provide both relief stress now and when doing similar activities on vacation. Plus, if we do not practice doing activities together now, how can we expect a huge payoff when we do them later. Everything takes practice. Many of the people we encounter only spend time outdoors during vacation. They always leave wishing they did more activities on a regular basis.

3. Pack appropriately for your outdoor adventure. Even when going for a short adventure (i.e. afternoon stroll), your success can be primarily determined by how well you plan. Keeping an extra bottle of water handy or having a small first aid kit can make a world of difference on a hot day or when you get poked by a stick. Plus, you are always the hero when you are prepared.
Bonus, always be prepared for rain!

Finally (I know I just said 3 things), #AdventureTogether! Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just to do it, so plan now for a specific outing or trip and stick to it. Even planning an “outside” day for your normal vacation gives you the opportunity to get outside with others and Adventure Together. Also, we would love to celebrate with you, so #AdventureTogether and #Wildwater on your Outside Adventures to let us join in the fun!