Plan the Perfect Vacation

Becky WiseNews, Wildwater

Vacation planning is stressful;

however, if done well, it can lead to both a relaxing and rewarding time. That is why we took the time to develop an outline to use in planning the perfect vacation. In fact, even using this outline for stay-cations and days off can relieve stress and build stronger community everyday. The reason we often experience stress in vacation comes from either unknown or unmet expectations. After all, we work hard for our vacation time and want to make the most of it. By taking time to define and make known our vacation plans, the rest of the group can relax and know what is expected of them. This vacation planning tool allows you to make the most of your vacation and have a great experience with your friends and family. The following descriptions will help as you fill out the vacation planning guide.

Download the Vacation Planning Guide

Time Frame: 

A rough estimation of time allows for both planning of that specific event, as well as the events before and after.


The Description: 

The description is the “what” of the section.  For example, under breakfast, the description may read, “Ham and eggs”.


Who’s Responsible: 

This part defines both the planning and the participating parties.  Example: Planning: Aunt Mae / Participating: Everyone



This slot is perfect for defining any specific expectations for a timeframe for event.  Example: “Device free” or “Let’s have some fun!” can be used to set an appropriate expectation for an event.  ***Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to be both fun and honest in this section.



By outlining each part of the day, you can set the tone of the day early and keep everyone from wondering what is their responsibility and what is expected of them.  As an endnote, this planner is designed to reduce stress, not increase efficiency.  Unless everyone is on board, please do not use this to force that “one more” activity into the day, rather, use it to set everyone’s expectations so that they can “succeed” on vacation. While we give many different spaces throughout the day to fill, do not feel like you have to complete every section. In fact, it is often through limiting our activities that we give space to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Have fun on the next adventure!

Download the Vacation Planning Guide