“Our Yurt.”

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Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harris, a retired couple from Hendersonville, NC, come up to visit Wildwater’s Falling Waters Yurt Village every year, twice a year.  After moving from California a few years ago, Mrs. Harris stated that the only thing she missed was her camping gear.  Due to his wife’s desires for the outdoors, Roy found something even better…at Wildwater’s Yurt Village in the Nantahala Gorge.  They call it “five star camping. All you need to bring is some food.”  Mr. and Mrs. Harris always book Yurt #3, the Safari Yurt.  “That is the only yurt we stay in.  We tell our friends when we come up here that we’re coming up to Our Yurt.”

Thank you for always coming to visit us, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harris.  We are glad that you feel at home when you are here!

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