It’s Just a Phone Call Away

Becky WiseWildwater

Sales Team

Feeling bogged down by the monotony of everyday life?  What you don’t know is your release is just a phone call away!  Wildwater is ready to help you seven days a week with this problem of daily repetition.  Whether it’s an adventure for a day or a week, we will be able to help get you to where you need to be.  Wildwater has multiple locations with multiple adventures to make the getting away part that much easier.  A great summer getaway is just a phone call away!

Reservation Sales Team

Your next adventure starts with our outstanding Reservation Sales Team!  They are here every day, 8am- 6pm, to answer the phones and answer your questions.  They do more then just book rafting and canopy tour trips, they help our Guests figure out what adventure would suit them best, at what location, where to stay and give information on what else there is to do in the area.

Sales Team

Sales Team

And why not let them help you?  They know all the in’s and out’s of Wildwater and the area.  You’d be especially lucky to have your call answered by Linda Cobb (Pictured Far left).  She has worked with Wildwater going on 18 years now.  She first started with Wildwater as a Bus Driver in 1996.  Driving children on a school bus in Walhalla, SC made for an easy transition into driving rafters during the summer when school was out.  In 2000 Linda the became Reservations Manager.  Her Husband; along with five of her children, work and have worked for Wildwater at one time or another.  Having worked with Wildwater so long she knows everything about each location.  Her favorite part about the job is meeting new people, helping them and getting to know them.  Sometimes it’s done over a phone call, or in person when people come directly to the office to book a trip.  Give her a call, she would love to hear from you!

866-319-8870 or email