Hanging with Hannah

Becky WiseOcoee River, Ziplines Canopy Tours

Hannah_orbct_smHannah Hyder has been running the the Ocoee River Basin Canopy Tour for quite some time now.  We thought, who better to tell us about it then. After talking with Hannah it’s easy to see why people have such a good time there and Guests keep coming back.

What is the best thing about ORBCT?
The best thing about the ORBCT is the progression of the course.  The lines start out short and low to the ground and then get longer and higher.  This is great for people who are not as comfortable with heights, it gives them a chance to  get used to it gradually.   Another great thing about the course is location and history.  The Course is set in the Copper Basin, an area that was mined for copper.  The chemicals used to mine for it took a toll on the local flora.  The only trees that have been able to flourish are Pine Trees.  The Course takes you tree to tree through the fairly young Pine Forest. 

How does it compare to others in the area?
The nice thing about our course that makes it different is that it is a Canopy Tour.  You not only get to spend a couple of hours ziplining from tree to tree and taking in all the sights, but you also get some history about the area and info on the wildlife, flora and fauna.
What is your favorite thing about working at ORBCT?
That every trip is different. You get different personalities and people from all over.  Their stories are also interesting; why they are here, if they are nervous or scared.  I love to talk our Guests, it’s the best way to connect with them and make sure they have a great time!
What do our Guests say about ORBCT?
They get off the course and I always hear about how much they loved the canopy rangers, their personalities and depth of local knowledge.  People come to go ziplining, but are surprised to learn about the history of the area too.