Guests Love the Chattooga Guides!

Becky WiseChattooga River, White Water Rafting

Wildwater Chattooga raft guide Tupelo

I wanted to commend you on the superb staff that you have.

On July 2, 2013, we signed up for the Chattooga IV trip, but due to the excessive rain were taken down section III.  The water, I believe, was at 2.5 ft, and when we arrived at Bull Sluice Rapid, the option was given to the guides as to whether they wanted to attempt it or not.  To their credit, they were willing to do it in an effort to give us the experience of a lifetime, and they certainly did!

I don’t know our guide’s real name, but he went by “Tupelo” and his knowledge of the river and his instruction were excellent.  When my group went over Bull Sluice Rapid, three of us (all of the stupid males that didn’t get down quickly enough) were ejected, along with one of the two guides in our boat.  The remaining two girls and Tupelo were still in the raft, caught in a hydraulic.  After swimming to shore, I was amazed at how quick and well-organized the entire crew of guides were.  They were instantly throwing ropes and assisting to get all of us to shore, as well as assisting Tupelo to get out of the hydraulic.  Tupelo’s ability to keep the raft upright and get those girls to shore, after what had to be well over a minute in the hydraulic, was amazing, and watching the efficient, professional actions of your team made me confident that everyone was well taken care of.
I would not hesitate to go down any river, no matter how difficult, with your team, especially Tupelo.  I have made this trip multiple (at least ten) times and this was, thanks to Tupelo, the best, and truly the experience of a lifetime.  You will definitely see us again!


Regards,  Curtis Elrod


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