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5 of 5 starsReviewed July 14, 2014NEW

What a great time we had this past week zipping through the canopy with the dynamic duo, Heather and Ashley–aka the “British Crumpet” and “Sit Still and Look Pretty“.  Highly recommend this adventure, was a great experience with our daughters, one we will remember for a long time.  I am sure all of the guides are great, but we really did enjoy “hanging out” with Heather and Ashley; they provided great comic relief as well as history of the area and fun facts about the trees; all while ensuring a safe experience.

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 28, 2014

Marley and Michael made our Zip Line adventure one to remember.  Their personable conversation and focus on safety were appreciated by the grandchildren and especially by the grandparents.  It was a fun time and I would highly recommend it for grandparents/grandchildren to share an outdoor experience together.

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 10, 2014

This was a great daddy-daughter outing.  Our guides Josie and Marley were bright, intelligent, funny, and really took a great experience and made it more amazing.  These girls are top notch in their safety protocol execution, and made us feel so welcome and at home at Chattooga. We would definitely go back again and spend more time with the wonderful staff in the beautiful place that God created for our enjoyment.

While reading all the glowing reviews of our Canopy Rangers on Trip Advisor I began to wonder what makes a great Canopy Ranger.  It seems

Ranger Ashley

Ranger Ashley adorned with foliage

that everyone felt their Rangers were safe and informative, as well as humorous.  However  I believe that there had to be a little more to it.  I went and talked to Amy Boulton, the Canopy Manager at Chattooga Ridge Canopy Tours, and asked her what made a superb Canopy Ranger.  She sat and thought for a moment.  Of course, all employees must be Reliable and  Responsible making sure all trip duties are completed and to make Safety #1 for our Guests.  To make a great Canopy Ranger though is being able to relate Knowledge about the area in a Fun and Entertaining way.  They also have to be Adaptable to different situations and people.  The occasional joke here and there doesn’t hurt

Ranger Josie

Ranger Josie zippin’

either.  Sometimes there are those that come  Ziplining and are hesitant and afraid.  Never having done it before, being reassuring and adding in some comic relief can help people relax and overcome their fears.

Ranger Heather

Ranger Heather in her cape

I also noticed that the Rangers have fun on the Ziplines.  They do this by bringing their personality to the fore front. Marley is down to earth and creative, she even decorated the collar of her shirt with super heros.  Josie, even though she just turned 21, displays the responsibility to be able to help Amy with running the Canopy Tours.  Michael’s wit and sense of humor will keep you listening to every word he says.  Ashley and Heather are new to the team this year and bring a fun, light heart-ed vibe to every one of their tours.
Having spent some time with the Rangers at the Chattooga Ridge Canopy Tour, I can say that all of the them are top notch and anyone would be lucky to have any of them as their guide through the trees!

Ranger Michael

Ranger Michael