Generations of Families at Wildwater

Becky WiseWildwater

Wildwater is in its 45th season and families have made Wildwater their home for work and play.  Because Wildwater is a family owned and operated company, we love it when families work for us!  Jim and Jeanette Greiner, founders of Wildwater, raised their 4 kids in the outdoors and generations 2  & 3 are still very actively involved in the business.  Here are a few of the families that are dedicated to Wildwater!  #wildwater45th



Trey and Cricket Barnett

Barnett Family

Andrea, Al, Merry Ellen, Trey, Cricket & Walt Barnett

The Barnett family  Al and Andrea began working at Wildwater in 1985, Al on the river and Andrea as the Wildwater Reservations Manager.  Al passed his passion for whitewater rafting and kayaking, as well as the outdoors, to his sons Trey and Walt who both work as guides.  Currently, Al is the new Operations Manager at the Chattooga and Trey works in the Marketing Department at the Nantahala and is the Church Group Coordinator.  Trey is also married to 3rd generation Cricket Wise Barnett, the Nantahala Operations Manager and granddaughter of Jim & Jeanette Greiner.




Emily, Cecile, Mikey, Naomi, Brent, Linda, Lonnie & all the Cobb kids



The Cobb Family  There are two generations of Cobbs working in the Reservations office.  Linda has been the Reservations Office Manager for 18  years and her husband, Lonnie, has been driving buses for almost the same amount of time!  Their kids, Mikey and Emily currently work in the reservations office, while Cecile, Brent and daughter-in-law, Naomi, have all worked over the years. 3rd generation, Zoe, is ready to step up, but is still too young!







Sharon, Will and Lance Luke

Sharon, Will and Lance Luke

Lance and Will Luke

Lance and Will Luke


The Luke Family  Lance, a 26 year veteran of Wildwater and the Ocoee Operations Manager, met his wife, Sharon, when she came to work at Wildwater as a guide on the Ocoee River.  Their son, Will, started working for Wildwater at the Ocoee Canopy Tour office while still a student in high school.  Will continues to work for Wildwater in the summers while playing in the University of Tennessee Marching Band.



There are many other Team members who have followed in their parents footsteps to work for Wildwater and it is great to have the 2nd generation on board!