Five Reasons to Become a River Guide With Wildwater

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Do you dream of a job that feels less like work and more like play? Where the great outdoors is your office? Then consider adding river guide to your resume this 2022 season. Being a river guide does not discriminate. Whether you are a college student looking for a fun, seasonal job in between semesters or a seasoned veteran who wants to share your favorite sport with the community, we want YOU! We may be biased when we say that being a river guide is the best job, but here are five reasons you should become a river guide with Wildwater this season to prove it:

1. Spend Time in the Outdoors

We mentioned that the great outdoors is your office when you are working as a river guide. Not only will you spend your days on the river, but you will be nestled in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains, surrounded by wildflowers, spruce-fir forests, and splashy mountain streams. 

2. Meet Other Adventure Loving People

After four days of intense guide training, you will have a second family. The people you will be working with are loving and caring outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life.

3. Stay in Great Shape

Forget about purchasing a gym membership. As a river guide, work is your gym. From navigating the river to prepping for your next trip, it is guaranteed that you will stay in great shape as a river guide.

4. Limited to No Experience Required

No experience? No problem! Wildwater operates a Guide School program in the spring for training potential employees. You will learn basic whitewater and rescue skills, communications skills, and develop an understanding of Guest services in the whitewater industry.

5. Enjoy Professional Discounts on Gear

As a raft industry professional, you will be eligible to receive discounts on rafting and outdoor gear.

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Don’t Just Take it From Us, See What Our Employees Had to Say:

River Guide Sue Andrus

Sue Andrus

“Wildwater was the best first job I could have had! My experience there developed not only technical paddling skills, but gave me incredibly valuable experience in working in teams, management, and learning life hacks such as how to drive a Three On the Tree transmission.

I started as a Section III summer-only guide, spent a couple summers as a Section IV guide, ended my river career as Senior Staff/IV guide, and spent my last year as Reservations Manager Office Gal.

I made some of the best friends I have at WWLTD. Thirty eight years later, we are still close!”


River Guide Tim McGee

Tim McGee

“Wildwater LTD has a knack for hiring the best people! It feels like you’re part of a team, even a family!”





River Guide Michael Spann

Michael Spann

“I do it for the laughs. To get to spend the summer with this goofy band of river pirates, making money, breaking bread, and cracking beers and jokes in tandem with one another, has been an amazing privilege and truly one of the greatest pleasures of my life. It’s all love, every step of the way.”



Adventure awaits, apply now!