Father’s Day Adventures with our Wildwater Dads!

Becky WiseWildwater

Father - Son Kayaking

What can be better than spending the day on an adventure with your kids for Father’s Day?  Our Wildwater Dads love to get outdoors and spend time with their kids.  Enjoy reading about some of their adventures!

johnJack Wise (Wildwater CEO)
For years I took my young son kayaking and rafting on rivers across the southeast and once to Costa Rica.  After many long trips he gained experience and it brightened my heart to see him improve his skills and gain confidence.  As often happens in his mid to late teens John went off to spend more time with his friends and got busy with school activities, our days on the river faded away.  During his Sophomore college year John planned a paddling trip for his classmates and invited me along.  After my initial shock of joy I settled down for another good day on the river.  I accepted my roll as passenger and at lunch enjoyed my sandwich, it was then I realized it was Father’s Day and this was the best gift I could have gotten;  watching my son organize, plan, encouraged and lead a group paddlers on the very same river I shared with him at a young age.  A special day to be a proud father.




Jeff Greiner (President Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tours)
One of our family traditions has been a Father’s Day weekend overnight river trip on the Chattooga River.  I grew up enjoying the Chattooga and the memories of family and friends on the river are some of my most powerful and impactful memories of our family together.  The combination of scenery, great rapids for all skill levels, cool spots to jump and swim and hike all make for a great 2 to 3 days away from life’s work and distractions.





Woody Woodruff (Wildwater Marketing Director)
When asked to write about my favorite Father’s Day memory, my first reaction was that I have worked most Father’s Days.  I have spent most of my life working all the summertime holidays.  During my youth, my parents worked at a summer camp and it was all about the campers – Dad worked at keeping the camp up and running.  During my adult years, I have worked in the outdoor business providing enjoyment to others during the summer holidays, but do get in a little fishing time with the kids!  Watching others enjoy their families and friends during all the various summer holidays are special memories, and now, working at Wildwater, it is special getting to see family members having the opportunity to work together every day.



Create something for yourself and share it with others – join Wildwater this upcoming Father’s Dad weekend.