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Multiple times a year I find myself around a campfire with people I did not know the day before.  That is the life of a group coordinator with Wildwater.  From the first call, to your arrival at one of our Adventure Centers, Miranda and I (Wildwater’s group coordinators) handle all of your group’s needs, wants, and activities.  We are so involved throughout the entire process that by the time your group arrives, we not only feel as though we know you, but you also feel a connection with us, with Wildwater.  That is how I end up sitting around campfires with friends I feel as though I have known a lifetime.

The group opportunities with Wildwater are endless. Miranda and I work tirelessly to not only provide the best experience within Wildwater but also the best experience in the local community.  Therefore, if you just choose to use Wildwater as your group’s base of operations, we will work with the best local outfitters and service providers to give your group the greatest possible experience.  In fact, we will even setup and schedule your other activities to relieve your stress and make your stay flow as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are looking for a host for your next corporate retreat, a quiet location for your church’s couple’s outing, or even activities for your wedding party, Miranda and I will be there for every question along the way.  Maybe this year will be the year we get to visit with you around a campfire.
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