Corporate Team Building

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Patient, Compassionate, and Safety First!

Have you wanted to incorporate a team building program that provides fun, motivation, trust and communication in a safe environment for your TEAM?  Wildwater Chattooga is your place!

Team Building- a fun way to examine strengths & weaknesses within yourself, family, and coworkers.

Team Building is a flexible program  that can fit almost any objective. whether it’s a newly blending family, military, and companies.  At Wildwater we incorporate High and Low Ropes obstacles  and  challenges  to help build trust, communication, and respect.

Chattooga Ridge Ropes Course - Wildwater  ropes course adults 1  GE Money Low Ropes 2

High Ropes– A series of bridge challenges which gets you off the ground and in the air!  This program focuses a lot on communication, trust, and encouragement.  As participants transfer their tethers, you must ask permission to do so.  This is the communication and trust aspect.  To talk through the transfer process, one would provide encouragement on concoring the fear of heights and and completing the eight challenges.

Low Ropes– A deceiving name as “ropes” aren’t always involved.  Low Ropes is a grounded event in most cases.  A flexible program with a variety of interesting challenges.  Low Ropes incorporate  props, such as a rubber chicken, as well as “fixed elements”  such as the Port Hole and All Aboard.  Think games but with objectives.  Participants need to use communication, trust, leadership, problem solving, teamwork, and creativity to solve problems and challenges.

So you have now put in all the work on the land-based program, now use what your TEAM has learned and reward yourselves on the water with a rafting trip!  There is nothing better to tie your team building experience together than to challenge yourself on whitewater.  Guides in each raft will lead the teams in working together to get through class I-IV whitewater on the Chattooga River!