Chattooga Rafting FAQ

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Chattooga Rafting FAQ

By K.M. Collins

What are typical river flows for Chattooga rafting?

1.8-2.4 feet

Where can I look at flows?

USGS data

What class water is the Chattooga River?

Up to class V

What sort of wildlife can be seen while Chattooga rafting? 

Black bear, shrews, coyote, bats, squirrel, beaver, weasel and foxes

How long are the Chattooga rafting trips? 

Half, full and two-day

For details on the mini, section III and section IV see this link

What are some of the names of more popular rapids on the Chattooga river? 

Bull Sluice, Corkscrew, Crack-In-the-Rock, Jawbone and Sock’em Dog

What is the nature of the river and rapids on the Chattooga?

Ledgy pool-drops, rock dodging, mazes of boulders, waterfalls and cascades 

How old are the rocks on the Chattooga? What kind of rocks are they?

Late Precambrian or early Paleozoic sediments which were later highly metamorphosed by igneous intrusions. These rocks are part of the southern Appalatians and the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Who are the original inhabitants of the land the Chattooga River runs through?

The Cherokee people 

Who manages the land the Chattooga River flows through?  

The Chattooga River bisects Elliot Rock Wilderness and three National Forests, the Chattahoochee, Nantahala and Sumter. 

What does the Wild and Scenic designation on the Chattooga River mean? 

Because the river has been designated WIld and Scenic, that means no development can happen within a half mile range on either side of the river corridor. Here’s some more information on the Wild and Scenic history of the Chattooga River

What is Chattooga rafting famous for?

President Jimmy Carter’s 1972 canoe descent and it was the site for filming Warner Brothers 1972 major motion picture, Deliverance

How long has Wildwater been operating on the Chattooga? 

Since 1971, Wildwater is three generations deep in Chattooga rafting In their tenure Wildwater has expanded programming to include lodging, ziplinning, services on the Nantahala, Ocooee and Pigeon Rivers. 

Have any publications written reviews on the Chattooga River? 

“The Number One Thing Every Southerner Ought To Do”
Southern Living Magazine
It is difficult to orchestrate words that accurately depict the feeling one gets while being propelled by the unbridled force of the Chattooga’s current, as primordial forests unfold before you.”
Travis Hall, WNC Magazine