What white water Rafting Is Near Me?

Why Go White Water Rafting in the Smokies & Blue Ridge Mountains?

That’s easy! Pure fun, awesome excitement, sweet scenery, amazing connection time with family and friends. Read what our Guests say!

How to Choose Your White Water Rafting Adventure

1. Location

What river trip is closest to you? You can do a day trip from many cities in the southeast to our rivers in the Carolinas & Tennessee. Click on a river below to see the google map with driving distances from your house. Got more time? Check out your lodging options here.

2. Experience Level and Participant Age

Under 12 or over 12? First time rafter or you’ve been before? These questions matter! Choose the Nantahala or Chattooga Section 3 if the kids are under 12 or you’re a first-timer not sure about the whole rafting thing. Got an adventurous spirit and over 12? Jump on a trip on the Ocoee or Chattooga Section 4 for bigger whitewater and consistent excitement.

3. Desired Trip Experience

Is it laid back, intense, or (like most of us!) something in between? The whitewater classification is your key indicator here. Class 1-2 is a float trip, Class 2-3 is in-between fun, Class 3-4 is super fun, Class 4 is intense. Pick a trip that matches your comfort level. You can always do a bigger whitewater trip next!

4. Time of Year

You can go rafting from March through October with us! Two of the 3 rivers are dam-controlled, guaranteeing you consistent whitewater levels all season long. North Carolina Nantahala trips are daily, and Tennessee Ocoee trips run weekends in the Spring and Fall & 5 days a week in the summer. The Chattooga in South Carolina is a free-flowing river with daily trips. Rainfall any time of season can bring rivers up a little or a lot – we stay on top of that and adjust trips accordingly if needed. Air temps in the southern Appalachians are typically comfortable all season, early spring and late fall obviously bring cooler weather. For example, youngsters may get cold easily but love to splash, play and swim on the trip – perfect for summer rafting. 20-somethings love intensity – perfect for spring rafting. The rest of us love it all – we get the most options. See how it works?