1702 Steam Powered Locomotive with Wildwater

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white water rafting - Smoky Mountains - Wildwater

If you are looking for a new experience this Fall, come to Bryson City for The Steam of the Smokies!  The 1702 Locomotive is back and is sharing the love on the Nantahala Gorge Excursion.  Last week I was fortunate enough to get to watch as 1702 pulled through Nantahala Gorge.  Around Wildwater, we call the days that 1702 pulls the train to the Nantahala, “Steam Days.”  The schedule for our “Steam Days” can be found HERE.

There are now two ways to experience The Steam of the Smokies!  For those who are just interested in rafting, book our 10:30 raft trip, the Steam Engine passes our trip on the water as it is pulling up through the Gorge.  This is an awesome time on water and seeing the Steam Engine from the river is definitely photo worthy!

The other option for experiencing Steam with Wildwater is through a Train Package.  You can ride the Steam up the Gorge and then transfer to a Wildwater activity.  After completing your adventure option (rafting, ziplining, or a Jeep tour), we will take you back to Bryson City in time for the turntable experience.  Only people who ride 1702 are allowed into this unique experience where volunteers are randomly chosen to help operate the turntable.

No matter how you want to experience The Steam of the Smokies, we would love to experience it with you.

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