10 Most Endangered Rivers in the U.S.

Becky WiseWhite Water Rafting

We see it happening every day, more and more rivers are being taken advantage of or under cared for.  Rivers are the backbone of an ecosystem; our ecosystems.  If we are not careful we could lose them all together.  Here are some of the rivers that are most at risk right in our own back yard.

One: Colorado River (CO,AZ,UT)– Outdated water management threatens the rivers use for water supply, recreation and is affecting the wildlife habitat.
Two: Flint River (GA)– Water supply for the surrounding communities and farms are at risk because of the archaic water management policies.
Three: San Saba River (TX)– This river and its lakes could vanish due to the out-of-date water management.
Four: Little Plover River (WI)– Outdated water management is putting fish habitat and water supply at risk.
Five: Catawba River (NC)– Coal ash is tainting drinking water and spoiling the river for recreational use.
Six: Boundary Waters (MN)– Recreation, drinking water and wilderness at risk due to the copper and nickel mining.
Seven: Black Warrior River (AL)– Coal mining threatens the drinking water quality and wildlife habitats.
Eight: Rough & Ready and Baldface Creeks (OR)– Nickel mining is endangering this river and its biological diversity of the area.
Nine: Kootenai River(ID, MT)– Coal mining is endangering  the water quality and the rare fish and wildlife that inhabit it.
Ten: Niobrara River (WY,NE)– Improper management of sediment is putting people’s livelihoods at risk for flooding.

Most of these problems are caused by the lack of care and unwillingness to change.  One good thing is we can do more about it then we think.

Want to know how you can help or more information?  Visit here to find out what you can do for these or your local rivers.