Why Do We Guide?

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Blue Ridge Mountains

What Canopy Rangers think of their job:

“Everyday I get to zipline is another day I don’t have to get a ‘real job’.”

“I love making people laugh and teaching them new things, and I get paid to do both.”

“I love helping someone who is scared of being up high and out of their comfort zone, and watching them gradually relax and have an enjoyable time.  I like being a part of that experience.”

“I’m so spoiled working at Wildwater Nantahala.  No job will ever be good enough and Lee Bob is the best boss ever.”

“Spending your day 50+ feet above the ground gives you a different perspective on the world.”

“What better job could you have than where you get to hang out in the trees and be a ‘tree monkey’ all day?”

“I fall in love with my job every day because I get to play a part in our Guests’ Big Adventure, whether they’re overcoming their fear of heights, working with physical disabilities, or just experiencing flying through the trees.”

Chattooga Ridge Canopy Employee Marley!

Chattooga Ridge Canopy Employee Marley!

What Raft Guides think of their job:

“To be a raft guide is probably the most rewarding and best lifetime experience.”

“I got lost, but look what I found”

“Each day that your paddle is in the water is a great day”

“I enjoy the people the most.  Making new friends, creating lifelong relationships with co-workers and meeting the eclectic people we take down as Guests.”

“I love putting a smile on the Guests’ faces!”

“I find being a raft guide really rewarding.  It’s awesome to think that I get to provide people with an authentic outdoor experience filled with excitement and adventure that they will remember for the rest of their lives.”

“My favorite part is the community vibe; I will always remember the feeling of belonging.  I’ve always loved water and can’t seem to get enough of it.  Now I can share my love with others like me.”

Chattooga Section IV

Chattooga River, Section IV