What Trip is Best for Me?

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Picking a trip that is best for your family or group does not need to be difficult.  Most people choose based on location, what is closest to where I will be vacationing.  Others decide based on what they perceive as the best trip or because of an age limitation.  For rafting, one should look at the level of the trip, length of time and age limitations.  Use the below chart to help with that evaluation.  For those who love rafting and want to ratchet up each time they raft, try going on the Nantahala or Pigeon first, then the Ocoee and finally Chattooga Section III & Section IV.

Trip                                            Beg.          Int.          Adv.          Family          Groups          Min. Age          Length

Chattooga Mini                         *               *                                    *                      *                      8                    4 hrs

Chattooga III                             *               *                 *                 *                      *                      8                    7 hrs

Chattooga IV                                              *                 *                                         *                     12                    7 hrs

Nantahala                                 *                *                                    *                      *                   60 lbs               4 hrs

Ocoee Upper                                              *                 *                 *                      *                      12                   3 hrs

Ocoee Middle                                            *                  *                 *                      *                     12                    3 hrs

Pigeon                                      *                *                                     *                       *                       8                    2 hrs

Lower Pigeon                         *                                                        *                       *                       4                    2 1/2 hrs

The Canopy Tours are the same way, people first look at where they are going to be for vacation, then determine which tour they would like to do.  But we do have our favorites!  The age minimum for the canopy tours is 10, but we have the Adventure Park and new KidZip in Asheville that allow for kids 4 and up!  For a comparison of our canopy tours click here.  Most of our other adventures are good for most families and/or groups!

For the full experience with lodging and activities, check out the Chattooga and the Nantahala.