Scared of Heights?

Becky WiseWildwater, Ziplines Canopy Tours

IMG_1788It wasn’t until I was about 45 ft in the air and having to walk across a bridge with boards missing that I realized that I might have a slight fear of heights…  Deep breaths helped.  After about half way through the Canopy Tour ziplining was a piece of cake!

At Wildwater we see plenty of people that come out to our Canopy Tours knowing they have a fear of heights but wanting to give it a shot.  It’s obvious that they are nervous and intimidated. Even after ground school where you get to see how everything works, you can still the apprehension in their face.

I’ve seen so many people head up to the first zipline afraid and by the 3rd or 4th one they are having a blast.  Just smiles from ear to ear.


Ziplining on any of Wildwater’s Canopy Tours is a great way to get over your fear of heights.  You have two great Canopy Rangers to help guide you through the course.  You also have a secure harness that’s not going to let you down.  All is left is to trust that you’ll be fine!

You don’t have to take my word for it though.


5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 29, 2014

Heather and Nate were fun, and very diligent about our safety. My husband and I went for an anniversary trip and planned the ziplining as part of our bucket list. I’m afraid of heights, but they made us feel secure and so it was less scary than I thought it would be. It is very fast and an adrenaline rush. We’re both 63, so as long as you are in relatively good shape you should have no problem. The lines do all the supporting, so you don’t have to fear holding yourself up. If you’ve always wanted to zip, then this is the place to do it. Live life! Don’t say “I wish I had…” – on the Chattooga Ridge Canopy Tour

“Most fun ever!”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 8, 2014 via mobile

We did our first zip-line Aug. 7 2014. We had a great time! Our guides, Nicole and Zack were the best. If you’ve never done this before, this is a great place to get your first experience. Hope to be able to do it again sometime and this is the place I want to go! – Ocoee River Basin Canopy Tour

“Simply Amazing”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 6, 2011

I have been working on my fear of heights for a little while now and figured this would be a good step. Our guides Mike and Trent were unbelievably awesome! I felt very safe and confident that I was in good hands the whole time. CAN’T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN. – Pigeon River Canopy Tour

“What a thrill!”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 9, 2014

My husband and I wanted to celebrate our one year anniversary by flying high! I must say I was a little intimidated by the idea of flying 65 feet above the ground. But, our guides, Liz and Rayven, made us feel so comfortable and safe. There is no comparison to what you’ll experience when you head down that first zipline.  I recommend the Wildwater Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tour to you! – Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tour