Pigeon River Water Falls

Becky WisePigeon River

While visiting the Pigeon River, I decided I wanted to get out and see what else was around this gorgeous area.  I asked one of the local raft guides where to find some water falls in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.


Mouse Creek Falls

She told me about Midnight Hole and Mouse Creek Falls that can be accessed from the Big Creek Smoky National Park entrance on the Big Creek Trail. Near the Wildwater Pigeon Activity Center at exit 451 on Interstate 40.  I went to check it out; about a mile and a half up the trail you come to Midnight Hole.  It turned out to be a pretty waterfall but even better swimming hole with a big rock to jump off. Then, after a quick dip, I continued for another half mile to Mouse Creek Falls.  Stretching about 45 feet up, Mouse Creek Falls was beautiful.  Each side of the falls has rocks that are covered in moss which can be a little slippery, please BE CAREFUL!

If a more moderate hike is more what you are looking for, then Hen Wallow Falls is  a spectacular 90 foot fall off the Gabes Mountain Trail.  Hen Wallow Falls is accessed from the Cosby entrance to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  It is located off Hwy 321 about 5 miles from the Pigeon Adventure Center.


Ramsey Cascades


Ramsey’s Cascades the tallest fall in the Park.  Water bounces off rocky out croppings then collecting in small pools down below.  Be sure to look for camouflaged salamanders around the pools. Ramsey’s Cascades is accessed from the Greenbrier entrance to the Park.  It is located off Hwy 321 going into Gatlinburg, and about 20 miles from the Pigeon Adventure Center.