Other Things To Do Around the Pigeon Area

Becky WisePigeon River

Being in the tourism business, we often get Guests asking what else is there to do in the area. In an effort to provide fun and inexpensive activities, we made a list of other places that we love to visit. These are some of the places our guides go when they have a day off.  From 25 min. to just over an hour away from Wildwater Pigeon, you can find providers of other outdoor activities and/or beautiful locations to explore.

A Walk In The Woods – If you are looking to explore the Great Smoky Mountains while learning about the area, A Walk In The Woods is where you want to go. They provide guided hikes, backpacking, equipment rentals, and much more. Their guides are very knowledgeable and fun to learn from.  (25 min. from Wildwater)

Max Patch – Enjoy a section of the epic Appalachian Trail on Max Patch Mountain. Once cleared for pasture land in the 19th century, the area is now a grassy bald with stunning views of the Great Smoky Mountains to the southwest and the Black Mountains to the east. The wide-open area makes for an amazing picnic. (40 min. from Wildwater)

Cataloochee Valley – This section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has many historic buildings preserved from the 19th and 20th century.   They offer a booklet for a self-guided tour, fishing, camping, and hiking. There is also a herd of wild elk that are seen in the fields of the park. (1 hr. 10 min. from Wildwater)

Wheels Through Time – Wheels Through Time Museum is home to the world’s premier collection of rare American Vintage Motorcycles. This All-American motorcycle museum houses over 300 of America’s rarest and most historic classic motorcycles.  (40 min. from Wildwater)