Mini Series: Guide School 2013 — Day 3

Becky WiseChattooga River, Nantahala, Ocoee River, Pigeon River, White Water Rafting

View from Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tour

Yesterday was Day 3 for all the new raft guides, who found themselves on the Nantahala River near Bryson City, NC.  After being warned about how cold the water would be, they seemed pretty nervous.  Let’s see what Karter had to say about her day on the “Nanty”.


“This is my fourth year working for Wildwater. I have worked the the store at the Chattooga Adventure Center the past three years, but I decided to work for Wildwater when I was little. My aunt has been working at Wildwater for 18 years and I always thought she had the coolest job ever, so as soon as I was old enough, I started working for the company.

Yesterday, we went to the Nantahala River. We practiced rope throws, tying knots, and raft rescues. We also got to guide the beautiful river. People were telling us how cold the river was, but it wasn’t that bad; it was quite refreshing. We also went on the amazing Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tour. There was a platform overlooking the gorge, with a great view of Clingman’s Dome. It was one of the prettiest views I have ever seen.

This experience has been so amazing! I’m so excited about spending my whole summer on the river. It is going to be a great summer!”


Next up, the trainees visit the Ocoee River and see what the Olympic Section‘s all about.  Stay tuned!


Special guest author: Karter Robinson, Chattooga River raft guide hopeful