Zipline Canopy ToursFive Courses In North Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, & Upstate South Carolina

Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tours- Wildwater

Wildwater has built, and operates, five complete canopy tour courses in the southeast.  Located in North Georgia/Upstate SC, Asheville and Nantahala Gorge, North Carolina, as well as in SE Tennessee and the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge TN area, you’ll find full zipline canopy tours that include multiple ziplines, sky bridges, rappelling and more!  All our tours offer a soaring and gliding experience naturally fueled by changes in elevation.  These fully guided tours include 9-13 zips, multiple bridges, and begin with a training and practice course.  All Canopy Tour Rangers are trained by an accredited ACCT vendor and all courses are built and inspected to ACCT standards to provide for your well being and fun!

Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures is open year-round, weather permitting.  Chattooga Ridge Canopy Tours, Nantahala Gorge Canopy ToursPigeon River Canopy Tours & Ocoee River Basin Canopy Tours are open March through Thanksgiving weekend (closed Thanksgiving Day).

Must be 10 or older; 70 pounds minimum and 250 pounds maximum
Check out our KidZip offerings at the Nantahala and Asheville!

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Individuals:  $85.95
Groups $77

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Pigeon Raft & Zip PackageRaft & Zip packages at all our river locations are the most popular.  Choose from Wildwater Packages or make your own.

Guide to a Successful Canopy Tour Adventure

NGCT2Wildwater canopy tours typically have 9-13 zips, with small groups of up to 10 Guests plus 2 Rangers, who take you through a guided trip in the tree canopy.  Ziplines are tree to tree with bridges, poles, man made towers and other elements to provide a well rounded experience.  Ask about the setting to be sure you are getting what you expect, there are Zipline Tours that simply zip over fields & parking lots.  Canopy Tours are about the whole experience, challenge, learning, fun and doing something you do not do in your everyday life.

Adventure Parks typically have 1 or 2 short zips, and the primary activity is high ropes elements/challenges that you complete on your own with a large group of participants.  These parks are great for personal challenge, fitness group interaction and skill building.  The best parks have routes or trails offering different challenges for different abilities.  Adventure Parks are a great experience, ask questions and choose the activity you want.

Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tours - Bryson City, NC (Near Great Smoky Mountains National Park)

Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tours - Wildwater
Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tours

This was the first canopy tour in the Nantahala Gorge Region of North Carolina.  Suited for families and groups 10 yrs. old and up, this full course takes you deep in the woods and high in the treetops with spectacular views of Fontana Lake and the Nantahala Gorge.  2012 saw the addition of more ziplines and bridges.  Each tour begins with instruction on our practice lines.



kid_zipping_tent2Nantahala KidZip

KidZip Nantahala offers ziplines and adventure park elements for kids 4-12 years old in a scenic wooded adventure setting . With a continuous cable and roller system there is no clipping and unclipping for the participants!!

  • 13 zipline sections- Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced courses
  • 8 climbing elements- entrances, exits & connections
  • Tree based platforms, ziplines & challenges
  • 2-hour time block, zip and climb as many times as you want

Chattooga Ridge Canopy Tours - Long Creek, SC (N. Georgia/Upstate SC)

Chattooga Ridge Canopy Tour Ziplines - WIldwaterChattooga Ridge Canopy Tours
Upstate South Carolina’s first full zipline canopy tour experience goes deep into the peaceful Chattooga Ridge woods.  This perfect intro to the world of zipping ends with outrageously fun zipline water crossings and the 1200 ft. Bell Tower Express zip!  Each tour begins with instruction on our practice lines.  Allow 3 hours for your experience.

Ocoee River Basin Canopy Tours - Ducktown, TN (Near Chattanooga, Southeastern TN)

Ocoee River Basin Canopy Tours - WIldwater

Ocoee River Basin Canopy Tours

Our Ocoee Canopy Tours is SE Tennessee’s highest, longest and only full length, ACCT certified & inspected course.  Go deep into the pine forest and enjoy awesome views of Big Frog Mountain.  Convenient access: walk right onto the course from our office on Highway 64!  Each tour begins with instruction on our practice lines.  Open thru Thanksgiving.

Pigeon River Canopy Tours - Hartford, TN (near Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg, TN)

Pigeon River Dual Zipline - Wildwater

Pigeon River Canopy Tours

This is unquestionably the best zipline canopy tour in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains!  Choose from the shorter zipline express River Ziplines Tour or the “real deal”, full length Waterfall Gorge Canopy Tour.  Both trips give you the longest and highest zips including a double 1300′ zip that is 120′ in the air crossing the Pigeon River!  Come join us on the most wilderness zipline adventure in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area.  Each tour begins with instruction on our practice lines.

Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures & Asheville Treetops Adventure Park - Asheville, NC

Asheville Zipline Canopy Tours - Wildwater

Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures

The first urban canopy adventure includes soaring through tree-lines corridors with views of the beautiful mountains and downtown skyline of Asheville.  Fully guided with many ziplines and bridges travel through 150 year old oak trees while soaring like a bird.

Treetops Adventure Park

Asheville Treetops Adventure Park offers easy, moderate & challenging high ropes style routes through the trees; something for everyone!

Kid Zip is America’s first zipline adventure designed for kids 4-10 years old. It includes 9 Ziplines and 4 fun climbing elements.  Participants use a system where there is no clipping and unclipping, you are attached to the cable the entire time.  The ziplines range from 50 feet to 250 feet long and from 25 feet high to ground level.

The course is specifically created for kids age 4-10(4-6 with an adult escort), and the adventure takes between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Each experience begins with instruction in our practice area.

Canopy Tours

  • Canopy

  • Tour Time
  • Age & Weight
  • Daily Rates Adult/Youth (18 & under))
  • Ocoee River Basin

  • Canopy Tour

  • 3 hrs
  • 10 yrs. & 70 lbs
  • $89 / $69
  • Chattooga

  • Canopy Tour

  • 3 hrs
  • 10 yrs. & 70 lbs
  • $89 / $69
  • Nantahala

  • Canopy Tour

  • 3 hrs
  • 10 yrs. & 70 lbs
  • $89 / $69
  • Pigeon Waterfall Gorge

  • Canopy Tour

  • 3 hrs
  • 10 yrs. & 70 lbs
  • $89 / $69
  • Pigeon

  • Express

  • 2 hrs
  • 10 yrs. & 70 lbs
  • $59 / $49
  • Asheville

  • Canopy Tour

  • 3 hrs
  • 10 yrs. & 70 lbs
  • $89 / $69
  • Asheville Adventure Park

  • Aerial Park

  • 2 hrs
  • 7 yrs.
  • $44 Youth/Student $49 Adult